MCEMS offers CPR courses, a first responder course, and an EMT course.  


The CPR courses we offer are through the American Heart Association, so the CPR certification you receive (along with a First Responder course or EMT course) will allow you to respond on campus. The courses are taught several times per semester, and each run about 4 hours. Your CPR certification will last for two years. 

Price: $35


The First Responder course is MCEMS-run and is specific to responding with the MCEMS service. To take the course, you must have an American Heart Association CPR certification, which may come from off campus or from a course offered at Macalester. We often offer CPR and First Responder courses back-to-back for students interested in this option. In the course, you will learn to obtain vital signs from a patient (heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure), and you will become acquainted with the equipment we use on campus. Each course runs about 30 minutes.

Price: Free


The EMT course is MCEMS organized and coordinated, and it is a two-week course taught on campus over January Break. Skills attained in this course include all skills from the first responder level, patient assessment, blood glucose testing, oxygen administration, spinal immobilization, oral glucose administration, splinting, oropharyngeal/nasopharyngeal airway insertion, and more. Other activities include St. Paul Fire ride-alongs and a group visit to the University of Minnesota cadaver lab. After completion of the skills exam and the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) written exam, you will be a nationally certified EMT. This certification lasts for two years, and we offer recertification for current students on campus. 

Price: ~$1000, but can vary with enrollment.